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How to recognize Sexual Abuse?

2 сарын 09, 2023

Sexual abuse of children, both males and females, is a silenced but widespread phenomenon. It leaves deep rooted physical, social as well as psychological scars on the innocent child victim who is indisputably defenseless and least responsible for any “provocation”. Sexual violence against children by adult acquaintances is not a utopian concept but it is a social reality that is unrecognized and waiting to be constructed. Victims as well as their families prefer to keep it in strict confidence as disclosing means stigmatization of the child because of the prejudiced socio-cultural laws.

Beautiful Hearts Against Sexual Violence NGO is implementing “Strong Girls Strong Nation” project to strengthen children of all ages girls and boys and young women about prevention of all forms of child sexual abuse/violence. This project is supported by Frida-Young Feminist Fund. Concerning gender-based violence, three animated videos have been produced for children, which reached over 550,000 people so far.