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2018 - Launch event for ‘Positive Charge’ manga book takes place

2 сарын 02, 2023

The book launch event was attended by representative of United Nation's Population Fund (UNFPA) Naomi Kitahara, Head of Youth Development Department of Ulaanbaatar city S.Sukh-Ochir and General Coordinator of ‘Beautiful Hearts’ NGO B.Oyundari. A discussion took place after the book was introduced.

General Coordinator of ‘Beautiful Hearts’ NGO B.Oyundari said, “The goal of the book is to inform the youth about gender-based violence and ways to prevent it by bringing it close to their interests.” Of the total 3,000 copies that were printed, 2,000 copies are to be donated to school libraries in the city, while the other 1,000 are to be donated to the schools in rural settlements.

The book was published in the frameworks of the advocacy project, ‘Break the Chain 2’, which is being supported by UNFPA and the Swiss Agency for Development and Corporation.

2018.11.28 / MonTsaMe agency