Бид хамтдаа хүүхдийн эсрэг бэлгийн хүчирхийллийг таслан зогсоож чадна!


For this program we advocate for policies and legislation that are based on respect for human rights of women and children, and aim to prevent gender-based violence and protect survivors.


“I PROMISE” campaign
The purpose of the media campaign was to provide simple guidance to explain the body's covered parts to early-age children and increase awareness for parents and adults to protect their children from sexual abuse. The expected impact of the campaign is expanding parents’ attention and care for their children through the specific knowledge about safe and unsafe touches, how to react, and ways to seek help for children. 

Period: January 04 to April 30, 2021

Target audiences: Pre-School Children and Parents (guardians)
Secondary audiences: family members, teachers, and social workers of junior schools’ kindergartens
Impact: The I promise media campaign has reached a total of 2,321,600 people in a duplicated number on the social media platform. Also, we published and distributed 18,085 pieces of children’s books and parents' tips posters in project target areas. The most popular TVs among children and parents in Mongolia broadcasted the videos. Based on their daily insights, 6,500,000 views reached nationwide. The most efficient tool to reach people were informative posters, photographic stories, and artist illustration posters. The photographic story posters had collected consistency of thousands of likes and reactions, comments, and shares. 



“School is not a hospital” campaign

The project aimed To ensure the sustainable operation of the chatbot which provides comprehensive sexual education for adolescents and to provide information about girls are no longer screened in the school environment to teachers, parents, and students.

Period: From October 2020 to February 2021
Audience: Target audiences: Students aged 14 to 20 including middle school, high school, college. 
Advocacy campaign beneficiaries:
•    More than 1,300,000 (may duplicated) teens and adults through online advocacy work
•    More than 83,000 (may duplicated) adults through video content,
The training and forum reached more than 100 teachers, doctors, social workers and professionals. 

Impact: Public has informed about the prohibition of girls screening in the school environment and prevention steps taken on violations of girls' rights in the school environment. Adolescents have access to comprehensive sexual and reproductive health information and counseling from safe and complex place.


“One Billion Rising” movement
Beautiful Hearts has been organizing annually one of the international women’s rights movements called “One Billion Rising” in commemoration of International Women’s Day since 2013 in Mongolia. “One Billion Rising” is an international movement that seeks to end all forms of violence against girls and women around the world through the arts. The movement chooses different themes for each year that illustrates the challenges and oppressions of women with various backgrounds.

Period: every March since 2013 in Mongolia
Target audiences: General public using social media platforms
Result: The “One Billion Rising - 2022” advocacy movement was completed successfully, encouraging engagement and active participation throughout the process from development of content to completion of implementation. We reached more than 1,000,000 people through all activities - this number increases every day. All of these activities involved Beautiful Hearts NGO’s staff and members through contribution of their intelligence, insights and expertise. Although we received numerous backlash comments/feedback on gender-sensitive posters, it was reshared numerous times on various social media platforms. Furthermore, creating women-friendly environments for women is one of many new things in Mongolia and we believe this kind of place will increase in the future.