• For this campaign launched in January 2017, we created a video to teach school age children internet safety. We reached over 4,000 school children from No 75, No 39, No 117, No 106, No 40, and No68 schools in Ulaanbaatar.

‘Strong Girls, Strong Nation’ is an interactive smart device application aimed at preventing child sexual abuse that we designed and had developed in 2017. The ‘Strong Girls, Strong Nation’ app is designed for ages 3 to 18 years and covers topics such as incest, safety at school and in public places. We received funding support from FRIDA Young Feminist Fund.

We have led 16 Days of Activism against gender-based violence since 2013. Our activities have included:
  • Designing and developing brochures aimed at preventing domestic and sexual violence. These brochures were distributed to more than 20,000 passengers of the Southern Railway.
  • Billboard displays on the main street of Ulaanbaatar and inside of the international train station.
  • Mobilised more than 70 men from around the world to create posters to publicly pledge their commitment to ending violence against women and call for other men to stop gender-based violence, and posted on Beautiful Hearts social media.
  • Headed the UN Women’s HeForShe Campaign in Mongolia and mobilised men to pledge their commitment to end violence against women by creating video messages.
  • Conducted awareness-raising workshops in 18 schools in the Khan-Uul district, Ulaanbaatar, which were attended by more than 500 school children.

International Day of the Girl
We have been celebrating the International Day of the Girl Child every year, urging the Mongolian government to improve the living conditions for girls, including creating a safe and secure environment that is free from violence.
We partnered with the Princess Centre to record an original song, ‘We Are Not Dolls’, which was broadcasted via social media and traditional media.
Our original song, ‘We Are Not Dolls’ was further promoted and shared with the public by “We Are Not Dolls” cover song competition was organized among school girls and young women. In this competition more than 30 contestants sent us their cover, and had publicized them via social media.
Again in partnership with the Princess Centre, we headed the ‘Girls Are Not the Target of Violence’ campaign. This campaign was aimed to bring awareness to the issue of violence against girls and included a flash mob that 5,000 girls from 42 schools participated in.

We participated in the ‘Girls’ Vision and Sustainable Development Goals’ campaign led by the Mongolian Women’s Fund and included other well-known community organisations including the Princess Centre and the Metropolitan Child and Family Development Centre. This campaign targeted the Mongolian government and aimed to promote meaningful inclusion of girls’ rights and gender equality in Sustainable Development Goals.

2016, 2017
In collaboration with Princess center we organized "Listen to us" girls forum, which reached out 150 girls. In 2017, we organized Online Safety girls training and discussion, reached out 200 girls.

The Kids Project is a pilot project we ran in 2014, the aim of which was to teach pre-school children about bad and good touch. This was a holistic project that also included a review of existing government policies and the development of a training module for kindergarten teachers. Our pilot was conducted in two suburban kindergartens and involved 60 teachers.

In 2016, we introduced sexual awareness month in Mongolia, which included a national campaign focusing on prevention of sexual violence. Our activism included distribution of posters to the general public, facilitating online training and discussions with service providers from around the country and capacity building of service providers (police, doctors, social workers and psychologists). We were able to reach more than 30,000 people through our online campaign.

From Sep 2017 to March 2018, we organized “Break The Chain” a national campaign via podcast, stand-up comedy, TV talk show, art competition/exhibition, and comic book. We reached out general public both in rural and urban areas. It aimed to break the chain of domestic/sexual violence. Podcast discussed about domestic violence of different communities (women, children, people with disability, LGBTIQ, elderly), and engagement of boys and men to prevent from domestic/sexual violence. TV talk show discussed about healthy family relationships, and healthy parenting tips. UB stand-up comedy had a episode about breaking the chain of patriarchy. Art competition was about eliminating domestic/sexual violence, and exhibition will be held in Feb, 2018. Comic book is designed for people in rural areas.