About us

Beautiful Hearts Against Sexual Violence (Beautiful Hearts) is a member-based non-religious, non-government organisation based in Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia. Beautiful Hearts was established in 2012 and brought together individuals from diverse backgrounds, who all shared vision of eliminating all forms of violence against women and children in Mongolia, particularly child sexual abuse. Beautiful Hearts works from a human rights-based approach and intersectionality as a tool to empower women, children and young people to understand and exercise their rights to realize their full potential. Our education and outreach activities use various forms of art, including music, dance, painting, drawing zentangle, story-telling and photography.


VISION: A safe, secure and harmonious society that is free of all forms of violence against women and children.

  • To drive public participation in prevention efforts to change the public’s attitudes toward gender-based violence, child sexual abuse and women’s rights.
  • To support and empower survivors of child sexual abuse by providing rehabilitation services to enable successful reintegration into society.
  • Catalyse changes in policy and implementation to prevent and protect women and young people from gender-based violence and child sexual abuse.
Core activities:
  • ADVOCACY - Advocate for policies and legislation that are based on respect for human rights of women and children, and aim to prevent gender-based violence and protect survivors.
  • PSYCHOSOCIAL SUPPORT - Provision of psychosocial support to strengthen resilience and coping capacity of women and children affected by domestic and sexual violence.
  • AWARENESS-RAISING - Increase awareness of gender-based violence against women and child sexual abuse to facilitate behavior and attitudinal change, and achieve prevention and early detection of abuse.
  • CAPACITY BUILDING - Improve the knowledge and skills of professionals who work with survivors of domestic and sexual abuse.
Key Achievements
  • Together with national NGOs we pushed the government to pass the Law to Combat Domestic Violence (LCDV).
  • Developed National Regulation of Psychological Services in implementation of LCDV.
  • In partnership with other national NGOs, influenced the Mongolian government to pass the Law to Combat Domestic Violence.
  • Reached out to more than 80,000 school children.
  • Designed and delivered more than 50 capacity building workshops on trauma-informed service.
  • Reached more than 5,000 service providers through capacity building trainings.
  • Piloted numerous artivism (post card exhibition, movie discussion, song, photo exhibition, Good Touch Bad Touch, Be Smart on the Internet, Strong Girls Strong Nation.)
We’re member of:
Asia Pacific Women Law and Development APWLD
Asian Child Rights Coalition
All for Education AFE, Mongolia
Child Protection Network, Mongolia
MONFEMNET national network
Mongolian Youth Council
Reproductive/Sexual Health NGO Network, Mongolia

Metropolitan Child, Family Development Centre
Metropolitan Police Department
MONFEMNET national network
Metropolitan Child, Family Development Centre
National Centre Against Violence
Princess Centre NGO
Women for Change NGO